Polished Concrete

How Does concrete polishing process work ?
Each of these alternatives can be created with a revealed aggregate or non-exposed aggregate finish. at Outstanding Floors inc. Whit the Use Of 800 to 1200 pound heavy Machines ,

The polishing concrete process moves through Initially a succession of steps of Metal diamond grinding, And a sequence progressive finer grit Diamond sizes, application of a liquid densifier and optional penetrating Protection with final steps polishing and buff.

the results are a smooth, glossy, durable and attractive floor. With the durability and strength of a polished concrete floors and incomparable advantages in abrasion resistance and non marking properties.
This surface can withstand even the toughest traffic abuse and add years to the expected life of the Polished concrete floor By Outstanding Floors and is exceptionally resistant to: Wear, dusting, marking, such as forklift tires, water, abrasion and heat. Polished concrete floors can be used in new or old construction for manufacturing plants, warehouses, automotive factories and showrooms, retail,residential, commercial and industrial environments.

How  it’s Concrete Polishing done right:
The process starts with the removal of the old Concrete with coarse diamonds bonded inside the metal.
• (Some Occasions 16 -25)
• Grind floor with 30 grip metal diamond
• Apply densifier concrete seal
• Grind the floor with 70 grip metal diamond
• Grind the floor with 110 grip metal diamond
• this variates from manufactures other options
• 40-80-150
Since some of the original concrete seal was removed, reapply a densifying concrete seal to stop dust and hardening the floor for the polishing steps.
The floor is diamond griended using ever finer grits, as you would use to sand wood, until the desired shine is achieved.
• Polish the floor with 50,100,200,400 grip resin diamond pad
• Apply dye color if is required
• Reapply densifier (on soft concrete)
• Polish the floor with 800,1500,3000 grip resin diamond pad
Finally, apply the Finishing Coat (densifier protector seal) after the diamond polishing has been completed. It is applied to the polished concrete and then buffed or burnished into the concrete surface to improve surface sheen and water resistance.

Polished Concrete by Outstanding floors is not Slippery
Because of polished concrete’s unique shine and slick appearance, many people question if it is a slippery surface. A clean and dry concrete is generally no more slippery than plain concrete surfaces. In fact, polished concrete tends to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble.
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